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Coconut cream bun

Swedish coconut cream bun (Semla)


2 Swedish cream bun (Semlor)

1 dl sugar

1 dl icing sugar

2 dl coconut chips Original Flavor



2.5 dl coconut cream

1 teaspoon vanilla sugar 

1 dl whipped cream (can be excluded)

Icing sugar for decoration


How to do it:

Start by placing the coconut cream in the fridge overnight so that the cream and water separates (or always have the cream in the fridge)

To the coconut paste, mix coconut chips and all sugar in a mixer or use hand mixer. Mix and add water to the desired consistency. Add the water carefully so that the coconut paste does not get too loose.

The coconut paste becomes very hard when it be stored in the refrigerator. If the coconut paste not will be used directly, be sure to pick it up in good time so that it reaches room temperature again before use. 

Whip the coconut cream together with the vanilla sugar. Whisk to a compact texture, if you want it fluffier add the "usual" whipping cream before you start whipping.

Build togehter the coconut cream bun "semlorna" in a classical way and enjoy!

(Bread bottom, coconut paste, coconut cream, top of the bread and then Icing sugar for decoration)

In cooperation with: Dinkock


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