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These general conditions of purchase (“the Conditions”) is applicable when ordering products from Pacific Rim Natural Foods Europe AB, corporate number 55886-3228 (“Pacific Rim”) through www.prnf.eu and associated pages (“the Website”). The terms are only applicable to a customer who is a consumer.


To be able to make a purchase through the Website, you must accept the Conditions. By accepting the Conditions you agree to comply with the Conditions in whole, and that you have taken part of the information about our handling of personal data and consented to the use of cookies according to our policy. By clicking "Submit Order" you agree to the Conditions. Upon confirmation of your order from Pacific Rim, a binding agreement will be established between you as a customer and Pacific Rim.

Pacific Rim only accepts orders with a minimum quantity of 3 products and maximum quantity of 56 products. If you wish to order more than 56 products, please contact our customer service. Contact information and opening hours of our customer service can be found on the Website.


Pacific Rim sells only to people over the age of 18 and to people who are domiciled in Europe. By using our Website, the customer confirms that he 18 years old or older. Pacific Rim reserves the right to refuse or change a customer's order in individual cases (for example, if the customer has provided incorrect personal information and / or has payment notes).


When Pacific Rim has received your order, the order will be confirmed by an automatic e-mail with information about your order. Always check your order confirmation so that everything is correct and save the order confirmation for any future contacts with Pacific Rim regarding your order.

Pacific Rim reserves for any stock balance errors as well as any image and writing errors on the Website, for example, errors in product description or technical specification, incorrect prices as well as price adjustments (such as changed prices from suppliers, currency fluctuations). Pacific Rim reserves the right to correct such errors and to modify and update the information. If an incorrect price has been declared for a product that you have ordered, Pacific Rim will notify you of this and await your approval of the corrected price until your order has begun to be picked. In case your approval is not received when your order has begun to be picked, Pacific Rim is entitled to remove the item from your order. If any of the products you ordered would not be in stock, the product will be automatically removed from your order.


When ordering, the prices stated on the Website are valid with reservation for such image and writing errors as stated above. For Swedish customers, all prices are quoted in Swedish kronor and include current Swedish VAT of 12 percent. For other customers, all prices are quoted in Euro and include current Swedish VAT of 12 percent. For orders to countries classified as exports, the price is stated without VAT. Any VAT and customs costs are paid by the customer in the importing country.

Cost of shipping is not included and is stated separately on the Website.


Any discounts or promotional discounts are only valid on one purchase and cannot be passed on returns, exchanges, complaints or future orders or be combined with other discounts or offers.


When ordering on the Website, you as a customer will be asked to provide certain personal information. You confirm that the information you fill in is correct and complete. You are responsible for incorrect stated information. Information about Pacific Rim's processing of personal data is available below.


In cooperation with Klarna we offer invoice payment, installment, debit card payment and direct payment. This payment solution is called Klarna Checkout and is offered to customers in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany and Austria. For other customers, PayPal payment solution is offered. You can find more information about PayPal payment solution below.

By leaving or requesting information in Klarna Checkout, you agree to Klarnas Terms.

Klarna Checkout presents some information for you as soon as you are identified. Which identification information you need to enter in order to identify yourself may vary depending on the purchase opportunity and the customer. A credit check may be made by Klarna depending on which payment option you have chosen.

Once you have been identified, Klarna Checkout shows which options that are available to you. Invoice is the default payment option, but the customer is free to choose one of the other options, such as direct payment by bank or payment by card. What options are offered may change from time to time. All communications and information about payments will come to you directly from Klarna.


Pacific Rim offers payment by invoice via Pacific Rim's partner Klarna. A link to the invoice will be sent in separate mail from Klarna to you.

When choosing invoice as payment method, you have the option to pay after you have received your goods. Terms for invoice payment follow Klarna’s terms and conditions. The invoice shall usually be paid within 14 days of the invoice date. If payment is not received, a reminder fee and a default interest is added according to Klarna’s terms.

Pacific Rim reserves for any changes in Klarnas terms and conditions. Therefore, always take part of the latest version of the invoice terms, which you will find here.

If invoice is selected as payment option at the time of purchase, a credit check is made, which in some cases means a credit report is taken. Then you will receive a copy of the credit report by mail. Personal data is handled in accordance with applicable law.

If your credit application is not approved by Klarna, you are denied credit and you are asked to use another payment method. Klarna handles personal data for the purpose of performing customer analysis, identification, credit control, marketing and business development, including transfer to specially selected partners or to non-EU/EES countries. Handling of such personal data takes of place according to the terms that Klarna determines from time to time. When contacting Klarna, personal identification number is used as a customer number.


You as a customer can choose to pay your order by card. For card payment at Pacific Rim Shop Online, you can use VISA or Mastercard/Eurocard. Card payments are handled primarily by Pacific Rim's partner Klarna AB who verifies that the card is approved for purchase. It is only possible to pay with cards issued by banks in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany or Austria. When you choose to pay by card, you need to enter the card number, expiration date and CVC code found on the back. Encryption of all card information is done automatically.


Pacific Rim also offer the option of payment by PayPal. You can either pay from your PayPal account or through a credit card connected with your PayPal account. Terms of payment through PayPal and how to open an account you find here.


Pacific Rim is responsible for the delivery of goods shipped to you. Packages from Pacific Rim are sent with PostNord alternatively UPS according to the company's choice and is carried out in accordance with the respective rules of the respective hauliers for the respective modes of transport. Shipping fee is paid by the customer and is stated separately on the Website upon order. The customer is responsible that addresses specified in the order are correct.


Pacific Rim's goal is to deliver as soon as possible. All products shown on the Website are usually in stock for immediate delivery. Estimated delivery times are stated on the Website.

Normal delivery time for your order amounts to 2-5 business days in the nordic region, but you as a customer are aware that deviations from the specified delivery date may occur.

When receiving delivery, you as a customer must check the package and that the number products is in accordance with what you have ordered. If something is wrong, immediately report this to Pacific Rim.


Pacific Rim pack and ship orders as soon as Pacific Rim have received them, which means that it is not always possible to change or cancel an order. If you wish to make a change or cancel your order, Pacific Rim recommends that you contact our customer service immediately at +4613 10 53 55 during office hours. Contact information and opening hours for customer service can also be found on the Website.

You as a consumer has a right cancel your order until you have received the order. If you cancel an order which has already been sent to you, you pay for the return freight yourself. In case of cancellation, you may be required to compensate Pacific Rim for any costs and losses that occurred due to the cancellation. If you cancel your order Pacific Rim will charge a fee equivalent to cost of the shipping plus 40 percent of the value of the order, up to a maximum fee of 35 Euros. Pacific Rim reserves the right count of such a fee against received payment by the customer.


Notification that your delivery is ready to be picked up will be made to the phone number/email address you provided when ordering. The notification includes, among other things, the package serial number that must be taken to the extradition point you have specified.

When picking up packages, you must bring valid ID and serial numbers that appear on the notification, email or text message.


Packages that have not been claimed within fourteen (14) days are returned to Pacific Rim's logistics partner. If this happens, you will be charged a fee equivalent to costs for shipping and return shipping plus 40 percent of the value of the order due to Pacific Rim's expenses for administration and handling.


Complaints due to damaged shipments delivered as First Class Mail via PostNord shall be made to Pacific Rim customer service.  

Complaints due to damaged shipments delivered by Schenker / UPS shall be made directly to Schenker / UPS. We recommend that such complaints are declared immediately once you have discovered that you package has been damaged.


If you as a Pacific Rim customer for some reason should regret your purchase, you have the right to withdraw your purchase under current consumer protection legislation. This means that you have the right to undo your purchase by notifying Pacific Rim within 14 days counting as from the day you, or any of your person appointed by you, have received the order ("Withdrawal Period").  If you want to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must send a clear message to Pacific Rim about your decision to exercise the right to withdrawal before the expiration of the Withdrawal Period, for example through a letter sent by post, fax or e-mail.

The right to withdrawal ceases if and when you break the seal of a product.

You as a customer should enter your name, address and other relevant information, such as order number, invoice number and name of the item in the message. To exercise your right of withdrawal, you can use the standard form made by the Swedish Consumer Agency, the form should be sent to Pacific Rim. You can find the form here.

When exercising the right of withdrawal, you pay the return freight. You are also responsible for the condition of the goods from the moment you received the goods until Pacific Rim has received the goods.  Pacific Rim recommend that you send the goods well packed, in good condition and in the original the box. The goods must be returned within two weeks from the date of notification of withdrawal received by the Pacific Rim.

Please return of the goods to Pacific Rim to the following address:

Pacific Rim Natural Foods Europe AB

Box 2053

61202 Finspång


When you regret your purchase, Pacific Rim pays within 14 days of receipt of the cancellation notice back the amount you paid for the item, including shipping costs, but limited to Pacific Rim's chosen standard delivery. Costs associated with express shipment and similar costs will not be refunded. When returning part of order, the delivery cost is not refunded. Pacific Rim does not refund the cost of the return freight.

Pacific Rim may await to refund amount you paid for the item until Pacific Rim has received the goods, or you have shown that the item has been sent to Pacific Rim. The refund will be made to you by the same payment option you chose at the time of purchase, unless otherwise agreed or there is a hinder use the payment option.

Pacific Rim does collect packages sent back to Pacific Rim using Cash on Delivery service.


Pacific Rim assures that each product has been properly investigated before it is sent to the customer. If the product despite of this is damaged or otherwise defective, please contact Pacific Rim Customer Service at info@prnf.eu as soon as the error is detected.

Complaints made within two months of discovering the error are always considered to be made on time. You have 3 years' right to make complaints on products purchased from the Website under current consumer protection laws. Pacific Rim reserves the right to refuse a claim if it is found that the product is not incorrect in accordance with current consumer protection legislation.

You can return a faulty product by returning the goods to the following address:

Pacific Rim Natural Foods Europe AB

Box 2053

61202 Finspång


Please fill out the complaint form that you find here, state the reason of your complaint and make sure to include the return- and complaint form physically with the return shipment.

Pacific Rim does collect packages sent back to Pacific Rim using Cash on Delivery service. Remember to pack the goods well, as a customer you are responsible for the transport back to Pacific Rim. Pacific Rim is not responsible for shipments sent back to us.

When Pacific Rim has received the complaint product and found that the complaint is valid, Pacific Rim will compensate the customer in accordance with applicable law. This means that the error will be rectified or that a new product will be sent, and that the shipping cost of the return freight will be compensated for.

If there is no product that Pacific Rim can replace the original, complaint item with or if Pacific Rim considers it cost-effective, Pacific Rim refunds what you paid for the product and the costs for return freight. Pacific Rim will refund the amount as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days from receipt of the complaint by Pacific Rim.

Please note that Pacific Rim is entitled to deny the complaint if it is found that the product is not incorrect in accordance with applicable legislation and that, in such a case, Pacific Rim does not pay back any expenses for the return freight.


Pacific Rim cares about your safety and want you as a customer to feel safe when you shop on the Website. With Klarna Checkout, you as a customer can safely complete your purchase, regardless of whether you choose to pay with credit card, invoice, instalment or direct payment.


Pacific Rim takes your privacy seriously and always strive to protect your personal information in the best way. Pacific Rim has the ambition to always comply with all applicable laws and regulations for personal data protection.

Pacific Rim is responsible for the processing of personal data that you leave as a customer to the Pacific Rim. By accepting these Conditions you agree to Pacific Rim's processing of personal data according to this paragraph.

Pacific Rim processes information that you, as a customer, passes to Pacific Rim, for example. contact information and social security number, as well as information that Pacific Rim or its partners collect from elsewhere, such as address details and updated contact information as well as purchase history recorded in connection with your purchase. In connection with your purchase, we control your data from the population register.

Pacific Rim will process the personal data that you provide as a customer to Pacific Rim to manage your order and your delivery of goods. Your personal data may also be used for identification, administration and for statistical purposes. For direct marketing from Pacific Rim, your consent is required.

Personal data is also transferred to our partners in order to manage and facilitate your purchase, such as freight forwarders and Klarna AB.

As a customer, you have the right to request information pertaining to the personal data processed as a customer at Pacific Rim, no matter how they were collected. If you want such information, a signed request must be submitted to Pacific Rim at the following address:

Pacific Rim Natural Foods Europe AB

Box 2053 

612 02 Finspång



The request must be in writing and cannot be sent by e-mail. If personal data is processed in violation of the Personal Data Act, you as the customer have the right to request that the information be corrected, blocked or deleted.


All content on the Website, as well as any rights related to the goods sold there, are the property of Pacific Rim or its subcontractor. The content on the Website is protected by copyright, marketing and trademark laws. This means that trademarks, company names, product names, images and graphic design, layout, and product and other content information may not be copied or used without the written permission of Pacific Rim.


Pacific Rim may change the current conditions of purchase, prices or the supply of goods on the Website from time to time. The Conditions you approve when you place your order applies to your purchase.

These Conditions are accepted on the 2th day of May 2018.


In case of dispute relating to the interpretation or application of these Conditions, or agreement arising out of these Conditions, Swedish law shall be applicable and ruled by a court in Sweden.

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